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Class Description

 Class Description




 a series of stations, each is a different exercise to be done for specified length of time usually a minute, recommended for all fitness levels, you can go as hard or modified as you need. Instructor will instruct proper form for each station, motivate and keep time


 a form of martial arts including throwing punches and kicks high intensity cardio such as jump rope jumping jacks etc. often incorporated is punching bag training and ladder drills


An advanced fast pace class focuses on harder exercises, basic military drills, and maximum heart rate cardio intervals. As with any class anyone welcome to come and modify exercises to suit their fitness level.

Total body:

cardio, upper, and lower body workout focuses on toning done at a fat burning pace. Often an interval class. Never the same class twice!


Instructor led indoor biking class, participants follow instructors lead over hills through speed drills and much more, extreme calorie burner, recommended for everyone, start at your pace and follow instructor as close as possible

Body Sculpting:

focuses on toning, variety of techniques used to maximize calorie burn while toning individual muscles

Butts n Guts:

class dedicated to core exercises, toning and strengthening glutes and abdominals.

Upper & lower:

weight lifting and strengthening class


Latin inspired dance workout, Join the party

Zen Aerobics:

slower aerobics class in relaxed atmosphere stretching toning sculpting and position holding done to low light and barefoot(intense slow toning)


high intensity interval training, 30 min class with bursts of powerful cardio and toning moves separated by 1 min rest intervals

Everyone welcome at all classes: remember you are welcome to follow along as close as possible and modify any or all exercises.

The accountability and support of a group fitness class can not be overstated. Informed instructors will guide even the most novice exerciser through a workout guaranteed to be safe and effective! Join as many classes as you can to gain strength and endurance.