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AthElite Kids 

AthElite Kids conditioning is a sport specific conditioning program designed to strengthen and improve muscle reaction as well as flexibility and agility. The training and conditioning a young athlete gets is crucial to the proper development of muscles and ligaments being strained through sports. Keep in mind your childs body is not fully developed therefore neither are the main components demanded upon during vigorous activity.  Proper training technique can be the difference between a sports/active career cut short due to injury and one that allows students to continue to play sports though life.

We appreciate  coaches and parents who are concerned with proper conditioning and take the effort to insure their athletes at any age are working out as safely as possible.

Trained skilled instructors will take your child through cardio and strength training exercises safely and effectively. It is shown in multiple studies by the National Academy of Exercise Science that the average youth sporting team uses strength and conditioning practices, unsafe and ineffective for children and youth still in the developmental stages.

We also provide, advised weekly workout regimens and teach habits that will benefit the student for years to come. Any child participating in the Athelite kids program through school will be offered a discounted gym membership!

The group rate for private training is $35 no matter group size, trainers will be onsite to make sure each child is accommodated at their level. Payment for sessions scheduled is expected at time of registration.