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Platinum fitness

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Quotes I started at Plantinum when the doors opened and my life has never been the same. I was immediately welcomed with open arms and hearts even though I was broken in so many ways. I was obese and needed to regain control of my life. I am a failthful class go-er with the constant encouragement and pushing from the trainers I was able to regain my life. I have never felt better in my life, with the loss of 90 pounds, I have ran my first 1/2 marathon and am healthier than I have ever been. I would've never thought anything I can do now would've been possible with out the girls at Platinum. I have gained many life long friends from the gym now and my workouts are grained into my weeks. Words can not express how eternally grateful I am for these ladies and friends. Love you girls! Quotes
Mellissa Deschamps
Gym Member

Quotes Sometime ago, Platinumfitnessforher ask, what does your trainer mean to you. At the time, I couldn't put it into words; however, after today, I've got my answer. My trainer helps me breath deeply and bring clam to my chaos. Sound funny, let me explain. It had been too many weeks since my last workout and my body knew it, but my schedule was screaming, no time!. It wasn't until mid way in the workout with sweat dripping and muscles revved up did it dawn on me that my workout affects my body, MIND, and SOUL. It allows me to breath deeper, slows my mind and removes the stress from my muscles. Is it hard? HECK yeah, my trainer, Randi, will push my body to regain control of my mind and for that I am forever grateful!!! Now, I'm off to an Epsom salt bath for recovery!!! Thank you! Quotes
Felicia Brewer
Personal training client, F&M bank corporate health participant

Quotes Sandi has been awesome. She has given my daughter the confidence she needed to join multiple group sports at school. She has also helped me be the most fit I have been in my life!! Keep up the good work, Sandi!!! Quotes
Karen Harbison

Quotes I have recently started training with Randi. I enjoyed taking her classed because she would not let me give up or give out. It is the same during our sessions and then some. Looking forward to see the end results Quotes
Rachel Hughes
Occupancy Specialist at LHA

Quotes I started personal training to have someone that knew I could do it, even though I doubted myself. Although it started in the gym it has given me the courage to begin other things in my life..Sandi is my trainer Quotes
Jessica Byrd
Training Client

Quotes My trainer pushes me to limits I would never allow myself to go. My trainer refuses to let me believe I'm not strong. My trainer is my rock. My trainer was born a McKelvey. Enough said! ...trained by Sandi Merriman Quotes
Mary Kennedy
Training Client

Quotes Personal training has been just what I needed and I love it. It takes the guess work out. A professional experienced trainer designs a plan just for me. There is accountability to get your workouts in. Also, after meeting with my trainer I have the flexibility to get my workouts in on my schedule. My trainer is Randi. Quotes
Kendra Brown
Training Client

Quotes I love to have a personal trainer for the accountability. It forces me to go each time and not back out. I also like the customization having a personal trainer provides. Randi modifies for me and counts for me. We slow down or speed up as it works best for me. As an added bonus I enjoy the conversations we have during the workout. Most people make the cost an excuse. At my gym it is so affordable; how much would you pay for good health? Quotes
Kim Ruiz
Training Client

Quotes I just start training with Danita, I've never took working out seriously before and wanted to get the best out of my classes. I have horrible form and my endurance isn't where I need it to be. Danita has been awesome in helping with my form and building me up. Quotes
Jessica Tipper
Training Client

Quotes Sandi was my trainer in Feb last year & she was amazing. She gave me the motivation to train hard to get to where I wanted & made me realize it wasn't an option to not reach my goal, it was a requirement & I DID IT!! All thanks to her. She was amazing! Quotes
Savannah Bolin
Training Client