taking the guess work out of results

Platinum fitness

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 Get Platinum Fit! Join us for an exciting year at Platinum 
Go to studio options for current rates. I LOVE FITNESS February!
drawings each week for class participants! 

We are here to help! Lets get on track and stay on track.

Our classes make working out easy! 

We do the planning You show up!

Class only membership $20/month

Pushing you safely, with effective training methods and class structure!

Don't be fooled by killer exercise and egomaniacs. 

Our education and experience will keep you working out for years to come.

                                            Working out in a comfortable atmosphere promotes consistency 

  Mondays 5:15 am Fridays 5:15 am Boot Camp Tuesdays 5:15pm 
  1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month 7am

                                          We are NOT a GYM     We are Results